Wouldn’t it be great to have a product selling everyday on Amazon that has few if any competitors?

I’m talking about a product where you control the price and there isn’t ever a price “race to the bottom” as other sellers discover your source and send in duplicate products.

Better yet, you could have several niche products – each with great feedback, each shipping out on auto-pilot from Amazon warehouses around the world.

It’s not only possible – we have students who are DOING IT.

It can be done if you have your own “Private Label” or personally branded product!

Building your own brand on Amazon is not easy. There is no push button system. It takes dedication, commitment, and integrity. The Power Brand System does NOT involve unreliable SEO “tricks”, rolling the dice with Google Adwords and PPC, spammy Youtube videos that rarely work, or building complex websites to “drive traffic”. If you are looking for a proven, sensible way to launch your own brand and products on Amazon then you want the “The Power Brand System.”

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From Brett...

The journey to launching successful brands online and off has not been an easy one. Tons of hours and money were wasted on trial and error. So many sleepless nights wondering what the heck I was doing wrong. Thinking I failed myself, wife, and daughter. I think I almost quit over 100 times. Well needless to say I’m glad I stuck with it.

Now I realize that launching a Power Brand is not that complicated or glamorous. It is all about leveraging platforms that already exist and solving other people’s problems. It is not your job to figure out the next huge breakthrough product. It is YOUR JOB to listen to people and solve their pain with an excellent product. It truly is that easy. That is the trifecta of WIN + WIN + WIN= Sales.

Their are tons of people out there waiting for you to solve their pain. Now I just listen, listen, listen, and listen some more. I simply hear my potential customers pain and present a solution. That is so much better than “selling.”

I literally wake up excited everyday to go and create products that solve people’s problems. The Power Brand System is EXACTLY what I do on a daily basis to build solutions for others. So PUMPED to share it with others!!!

The Proven Amazon Course

Recently the entire ‘Power Brand System’ course that is sold here was added as supplemental material to the best selling and most comprehensive “how to sell on Amazon” course in the world – the ProvenAmazonCourse.com (we call it PAC). Your purchase of the “Power Brand System” entitles you to a $48 discount on the PAC course at any later date should you choose to upgrade. We’ll send you the link when you order.

We are proud to offer you the Power Brand System!

Only $49


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